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May 1970: our first Company photo

This picture was taken near the time of our Annual Display and shortly before our fourth birthday. The Company had grown quickly in a brief time. Several of the Boys had been with 10th Ealing since day one.


Captain Yates is seated centrally and Rev Eric Maynard is one to his right. Further along that line (outside two ladies) is Anthony Keast, Company founder. Charles Girdwood, the next Captain, is kneeling far left.


The Company was very young but the standard had already been set.

10th Ealing picture archive

June 1976: our 10th birthday

This photo was taken to mark the end of our tenth session, shortly after the Annual Display. Seated centrally is Anthony Keast, Company founder who had recently become a Methodist minister. Flanking him are Rev Eric Maynard and Company Captain, Joe Yates, who passed into Glory in October of that year.


At the far left of that line are Bandmaster Charles Girdwood (Mr Yates' successor), Graham Pike, who would take over as Bandmaster upon Charles' promotion, and David Lewis, Captain from 1979–1996.

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