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in 1987, a 10th Ealing Lieutenant, Mr Tony Plews, was invited to Captain 1st Fulham Company and thus began a very happy association between the two Companies. Also during this period, in what was probably a first for The BB, several teenage sisters of 10th Ealing Boys were invited to join the Company and this proved very successful.


Mr Plews returned to 10th Ealing in 1996 as Captain, and, as the original staff members deservedly retired, the Company successfully streamlined its activities and re-launched itself. 10th Ealing today is run by Mr Plews with Mr David Lane and Mr Mark Tobias, who joined the Company as Boys during the Joe Yates' and David Lewis' eras respectively.


During this past decade, the Company has re-asserted itself in the true 10th Ealing tradition, achieving great success in drill, band and sports competitions at local and district level. Our Friday meeting nights are busy, fun and full of hard work and laughter. 10th Ealing continues to enjoy strong numbers and great success in all areas, and, as we celebrate our golden anniversary, we look forward with great anticipation to the next half-century.


Most importantly, our identity as part of the Kingsdown family is as strong and as essential as it was in 1966.

10th Ealing Boys' Brigade first opened its doors on 16th September 1966. Inspired by Kingsdown Minister Revd George Howarth and run

by Mr Anthony Keast and Mr Clive Pennells, 10th Ealing started life purely as a Junior Section, but within two years, a Company Section was opened and a Captain, Mr Joe Yates, was appointed. Mr Yates

had a clear vision of the Company he wanted to run and he spent

most of  the early 1970s assembling a fine disciplined group of Boys and a dedicated band of staff, meeting four times a week.


The Company held its first summer camp in 1969 and has pitched canvas every year since. Under Mr Yates' charismatic leadership,

10th Ealing went from strength to strength, excelling in drill, band

and many different sports. Sadly, Mr Yates passed away in October 1976 as the Company hit its early peak. Mr Charles Girdwood, who

had served as a Lieutenant, took on the mantle of Captain and steered the ship steadily forward, following his predecessor's example.


At the end of the decade, Mr Girdwood was called away due to work committments and the Company passed into the steadfast hands of Mr David Lewis, another of Mr Yates' Lieutenants. The 1980s was a golden period for 10th Ealing: numbers were high and staff were plentiful and the Boys participated in many excellent Brigade events

on a local, district and national level.

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